About game consoles

What is a Game Console?


A game console is a standalone electronic device that can play video games, either from a DVD, Blu-ray disc, or downloaded online to be stored on an internal hard drive. They have been around since the late 70s, when PONG was a huge hit in homes around the world.

Game consoles have come a long way since then, and the video game industry is worth billions of dollars each year, on par with other entertainment industries such as music and movies. Some big video game release rival blockbuster movies for revenue, and attract followers from all demographics.

Microsoft xBox 360

The Microsoft xbox 360 is the second console manufactured and sold by Microsoft, and has been a huge success for the company. It plays games stored on dual layer DVDs and has a huge range of downloadable titles on the Xbox Live Arcade online service.

Sony Playstation 3

The Sony Playstation has one advantage over its rivals in the built-in Blu-Ray drive. It can play Blu-ray movies, as well as games stored on the high capacity discs. It was one of the first affordable Blu-Ray players, and has helped the format become widespread around the world.

Nintendo WiiU

Nintendo released their latest console late last year, and has been in the videogame industry longer than Sony or Microsoft. The Nintendo WiiU is the first next-gen console from the 3 videogame giants, and uses a unique tablet style controller that allows gameplay off-screen, freeing up the television for other members of the family to use.

The Next Generation of Games Consoles

Technically speaking, the Nintendo WiiU is considered to be a next-gen console, with Sony and Microsoft releasing their latest consoles later this year. There has been a lot of fanfare over the Playstation 4 reveal in February this year, and Microsoft are set to show their next console in May.

The next-gen of consoles will be more powerful, faster and have better graphics. Sony announced their next console first, and videogame fans are waiting with bated breath for the Microsoft offering. There are fans on both sides, and every little detail of each console will be compared and argued about in the months leading up the release date!